After fighting the eternal imposter and keeping expectations on a unhealthy level for almost a year, I can present you the result of my artistic absence. Including a big ass video walkthrough, a few tutorials, a soundtrack (!) and a 3D scene for you to purchase!

A special thanks goes out to Lukas Guziel who composed a soundtrack for this. Christian Behrendt, Ash Thorp, Raphael Rau, Jonatan Salomonsson, Benedikt Wolters, Moritz Schwind, the people over at Maxon, Quixel, Otoy, Marvelous Designer, Entagma, Daniel, Alex, Richard and the rest of the Industry Workshops crew.

Some technical information:
Built in Cinema 4D R18, Octane, Fusion 360, Marvelous Designer, Substance Designer and DAZ3D.

The tutorial includes over 8 hours of timelapses, 1,5 hours video commentary, 3 step by step tutorials, a Soundtrack and a 3D Scene with all the assets and textures.

When I do an image, it is usually the result of collecting images and references over the course of months…. In this case I collected pipes, cctv stuff and weird greek alleys that are either painted blue or pink, had the idea to make this weird city of delpher gang district image. Initially I thought of a portrait format with a female character in the middle….. In my head, she wore a crocodile costume and had a baseball bat in her hand, but i shiftet to that landscape format and added two additional characters….the idea for the third character came during the blocking process and I initially thought of an old lady that’s about to get mugged…. But since I’m no character artist and had a hard time wrapping my head around the details, I thought why not just make it part two of 52hz and put the astronaut there.
— 6088AD Tutorial
The Air conditioners were fun to build… I made like… 5 or 6 different version of them and gave them all different names…. This whole image is set in a city that’s called delpher, which is very hot and humid and does barely see any rain. And I thought it would be cool if they give these AC units names, like “fury” or “thunderstorm”.... Or “heat hitler”. I tried to make it not that obvious that I reused them over the image alot, but I justyfied it, that they might be refurbished and cheap to buy and that it wouldn’t be unusual if some of the residents have the same model of them.
— 6088AD Tutorial
The creation of Sol, which is the name of the girl that’s sitting on the sidewalk, was really experimental. When I showed the image prior to its release, most people mistaken her with a male person, which is...odd. I can’t see a male in her, but maybe it’s because I know how I built her. The initial idea for this character came from the image of a small child i found on pinterest…. She wore a crocodile costume and i found it so inspiring how they made the mouth of the crocodile her hood…. And I instantly thought of like a feminist girl gang, all dressed in animal costumes, beating up males in the streets of delpher, with robot dogs and android slaves. But this whole crocodile costume thing was hard to make.
— 6088AD
I also wanted to add some used plastic bags and random garbage to my scene. And I was thinking about how to do it, and If I would be able to model these by hand… but the first thing that came to my mind was actually marvelous designer. I used it to build garbage bags for my recent piece 52hz and it I was certain that this was the way to go.
— 6088AD Tutorial