CGSociety challenged artists to incorporate the number ten in their artworks. The prizes were outstanding and I felt like working myself into the ground for weeks to create a new piece. I was motivated, also by the idea to have a slight chance to win – so I pondered upon themes. At one point I ended up with a mix of 9/11, Akira and Watchmen. In the movie Watchmen they mentioned the Doomsday Clock which apparently exists – “The Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists” maintains it and the closer they set the clock to midnight, the closer they believe the world to be to global atomic disaster. I intended a debris-heavy image which illustrates a possible future after this Bulletin set the clock after midnight.

As for the software I chose Cinema4D, Zbrush (I’m not pretty good at it but I found it to be convenient here) and a couple of other useful tools such as Unfold 3D, Photoshop, Mudbox (for maps) and Vray for rendering.