until the light takes us

"The wolves Skalli and Hati hunt from the beginning to the end of all times the moon and the sun across the sky. At the time of Ragnarök (the „Twilight of the Gods“, the end of the world in Norse mythology) Skalli and Hati will seek to outrun and devour the moon and the sun. The blood of the moon will then darken the sky. In my imagination, Skalli and Hati are robotic wolves with an infinite supply of energy. They have chased the moon for thousands of years, caught up with him at the end of times, eaten him, and now they have fallen back into their old patterns. They live in space stations, which have outlived their creators and awaiting their return in standby mode. They located bright fixed points, that sun and moon had given them, which now have disappeared entirely. Skalli and Hati have swallowed up the light of life now and enjoy human relics in the destroyed atmosphere of our world. On dusty surveillance monitors you see them still staring at the light of incandescent lamps. For all eternity. After almost every energy source has been extinguished over time, they find an infinite supply of self-reproducing mechanical animals. In Skalli and Hatis eyes, these bright beings are still the sun and moon at their birth."

The Software I used for this was Cinema 4D, Vray and Photoshop